Winners Announcement List

29 Aug 2018

Many thanks to all those whom entered our ‘Win Your Share of $80,000 Competition. There are eighty lucky winners in total, whom are now being contacted, with each winning a $1,000 gift card. Full details of the draw and winners are provided below.

Twenty daily prize draws from 8th August – 27th August 2018 (1 in respect of each Entry Date) took place at Gadens Lawyers, Level 25, 600 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC commencing at 10am (AEST) (each a Draw and collectively the Draws) on Monday 27 August 2018 commencing at 10am (AEST). Eighty winners were drawn. Winning Entries must conform to all terms and conditions. Where a drawn winner’s entry is deemed invalid, or a winner cannot be contacted within the period, as detailed in the Terms and Conditions, Replacement Winners will be used.

A. Sun, NSW
R. Tabet, NSW
M. Shiner, NSW
L. Parfitt, NSW
T. Koaze, NSW
K. Rossborough, VIC
M. Dalton, VIC
J. Hembrow , NSW
D . McKay, VIC
H. Wu, VIC
J. Nikadie, VIC
J. Plowman, VIC
Y. Fong, VIC
B. Chan, VIC
C. Phan, VIC
S. Tucker, NSW
M. Fong, NSW
A. Orchard, SA
S. Miles, VIC
L. Montgomery , VIC
A. Chen, VIC
A. Mcinerney, VIC
A. Hooper, TAS
S. Gilbert, TAS
A. Taylor, TAS
S. Pascal, TAS
G. Ashley, TAS
G. Markopoulos, SA
K. Perry, SA
T. Abley, SA
A. Lucas, TAS
K . Kypreos, SA
D. Kelly, SA
L. Hindle, SA
M. Janczak, SA
V. Nurse, SA
N. Weckert, WA
V. Lynch, WA
J. Houston, WA
K. Land, WA
S. Eayrs, WA
E. Visser, WA
S. Kingma, WA
J. Musca, WA
L. Grehan, WA
K. Conroy, WA
V. Taua, QLD
B. Sands , WA
L. Sutton, WA
K. Christian, QLD
C. Foster, QLD
D. Passias, VIC
M. Eid, VIC
B. Castillo, VIC
S. Kemp, VIC
J. Amosa, VIC
H. Zhang, QLD
N. Casci, WA
K. Carter, WA
C. Dewes, WA
J. Longhurst, WA
M. Jarvis, WA
L . Shrestha , NSW
N. El-Roueihib, NSW
A. Black, NSW
P. Wellington, QLD
D. Van Raders, QLD
J. Johnson , QLD
H. Harrington, QLD
K. Mckendrick, QLD
T. Gardner, QLD
J. Daniels, VIC
E. Smith, QLD
J. Redmond, NSW
M. Tipton, NSW
J. Ong, VIC
V. Smallacombe , WA
M. Murphy, NSW*
P. Prasad, VIC*
A. Mistilis, WA*

*Provisional winners only. Prize needs to be accepted and verified. If you are one of these winners, please ensure you answer your phone number listed on the entry form.