Customer Service Desk

Centre Services

Our Customer Service Desk is located on the lower level, where you’ll find our friendly staff who are more than happy to assist with all of your enquiries, including:

  • Store Information and Directions
  • Wheelchair hire (manual)
  • Motorised scooter hire
  • Stroller hire
  • Events information
  • Lost and found property
  • First Aid assistance
  • Identification Wristbands for lost children.

To make your experience at Eastlands even easier, wheelchairs and motorised scooters are available free of charge when visiting the centre. Bookings can be made by phoning Customer Service on (03) 6244 5222 to ensure availability is guaranteed.

Mobility and Disabled Assistance

To provide assistance with moving between levels, our Customer Service Desk is located at the bottom of the travelator. We will be only too happy to help you should you wish to hire a wheelchair or motorised scooter free of charge! Alternatively, you can use the lift located in the multi-storey car park at the Eastlands Pet Supply entry located on the lower level. Should you require assistance elsewhere in the centre, all stores in the centre are able to phone our Customer Service Desk to arrange assistance for you.