Visiting with Children

Parents with Prams

Eastlands have added an extra number of Parents with Prams car park spaces to make it easier for shoppers with kids to get in and out of the Centre.

These car park spaces are located in the following locations:

  • Southern car park facing Kangaroo Bay
  • Bligh Street car park outside Woolworths
  • Level 1 & 5 of the multi-storey car park

For more information please enquire at the Customer Service Desk.

Identification Wristbands

Like all explorers, kids sometimes get lost.

At Eastlands, our identification wristband ensures that your little one will be quickly found should they ever wander off.

Identification wristbands can be obtained from the Customer Service Desk.

Your child can choose either a Pink, Blue or Green wristband to wear.

Parents Rooms

Our Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) 5 STAR rated Parents Rooms are located on the upper and lower levels next to the male and female amenities.

They are the perfect place to change a nappy, warm a bottle or feed your baby in privacy.


High Chairs

To make lunch time a little easier, we have a number of children’s high chairs available for use in our food court on the lower level. Please ask our cleaning team in the food court for assistance.