Six Styling Tips For A Spring Fresh Refresh

News| 1st August 2022
Six Styling Tips For A Spring Fresh Refresh
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Six Styling Tips For A Spring Home Refresh

As you throw open the windows to take in that beautiful spring air, now is the perfect time to mix up your home spaces. From small switches to more grand colour palette changes, we’ve got all the tips you need to give your home a seasonal refresh.

Add luxury in small doses

We all have spaces at home that tend to be ignored or forgotten. These may be your home office, laundry, powder room or the entryway.

You can introduce small doses of luxury in a few ways; from placing a picture light above or beside your photos, to adding an oversized glass vase from Kmart on an entry console table. Even easier, toss a beautiful throw blanket from Big W on the back of your desk chair to give it a cosier feel.

Get comfy with textured fabrics

Combining different textured fabrics is another way to lift your space. Mixing textiles helps to add dimension and depth by drawing the eye to different aspects of a room.

Kmart and Big W have a range of blankets that you can add to a bed or couch. For example, try mixing a monotone tasselled throw blanket with a coloured decorative pillow. Pair these with a woven mat or rug and your room will feel revitalised in no time.

Incorporate nature-inspired colour palettes

Embrace the soothing essence of nature in your home. Try adding a landscape-inspired palette of calming greens, timeless blues and warm, earthy tones.

It could be a new subtle sage green duvet cover or pastel blue sheets.

Embrace indoor plants

Keeping with the nature-inspired trend, bring your love for the outdoors, inside. From miniature potted plants perfect for window ledges, to small fruit trees in baskets for the kitchen counter, small natural accents can work wonders in an indoor environment.

Otherwise, try adding some easy-to-maintain plastic planters from Kmart. Bringing a splash of green into your home is an easy and effective way to lighten your living spaces. For those with pets, be sure to check whether your choice of indoor plants is pet friendly.

Find your zen with aromatherapy

A positive spring refresh includes more than just updating what the eye sees. Using different scents around your home adds another dimension. This could be a few scented candles, or a diffuser from Dusk.

To inspire focus in your home office, try adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your diffuser. If you’re aiming to stimulate a peaceful sleep, a lavender candle or essential oil may help you feel more at ease. For good vibes and to replicate sitting beside a warm fire, pick up a cedar or sandalwood candle from Dusk.

Pepper in some black accent pieces

No matter your style, every home can be enhanced with simple black accent pieces. These will create contrast, especially when paired with neutral colours.

Think about using a black bowl to hold your keys or swapping out your photo frames for black ones. It could even be as simple as replacing your silver cutlery with a matte black range.

For more inspiration, head to our home retailers in centre.

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