Are you Wrapped to Give?

Are you wrapped to give this festive season?

Hobart City Mission volunteers will be in centre ready to wrap your gifts for a donation, outside Muffin Break on the lower level.

The volunteers are set to wrap from Saturday 9th of December. The service will be available Monday  - Saturday 10am - 4pm right through until Christmas Eve!

All gift-wrapping monies received will be donated to the Hobart City Mission. Or you can donate directly to the Hobart City Mission's Christmas Appeal.

Hobart City Mission Christmas appeal

Remember waking up on Christmas Morning to presents under the tree, knowing that you’d soon be having a delicious Christmas lunch with your family? Imagine waking up to find the tree empty and no food on the table like little Zack and many other children in Southern Tasmania who sadly will miss out this Christmas.

Please give now to Hobart City Mission’s Christmas Appeal so that children like Zack don’t have to go without. Donate now online here or call 6215 4200