School Holiday FUN!

School Holiday FUN at Eastlands!

Ever dreamt of designing your own purse?  Designing a fancy spring outfit, or tackling an edible creation?

Join us for  spring/summer fashion themed school holiday FUN!

You may even WIN a prize!  We will be taking photos of your creations and displaying them on the 'Fun-tastic wall of Fashion' for our special judge to pick a winner from each activity session!


Wednesday 4 October | 11am - 1pm

Design an Outfit

This craft activity will allow you to become the budding fashionisa that you've always dreamt of! Have fun designing outfits from materials, papers, and other creative materials.

Thursday 5 & 12 October | 11am - 1pm

Colouring Competition & Face painting

Do you love colour?! Well, todays activity is for you! Come in an colour to your hearts content! THEN, allow colour to take over with FREE face painting!


Friday 6 October | 11am - 1pm

Create an Editable Outfit - Shortbread Decorating

Can you combine Fashion an Food?! Why, YES! of course you can! Join us for our edible art workshop.


Wednesday 11 October | 11am - 1pm

Design a Purse - Craft Activity

Had your eye on a purse in one of our stores? Why not try your hand at designing your own?


All activities will take place outside Kmart on the lower level and are FREE.