Shopping with little ones

01 Sep 2020

Bargaining power while you shop. ​

Offering a treat like a berry smoothie from Boost Juice, an iced donut from Donut King or crowd favourite cheesy scroll from Baker's Delight provides great bargaining​ power.

Mini fashion finds. ​

Give your little one a taste of the grown-up life, allowing them to select a few pieces to update their spring wardrobe from a range of our fashion retailers e.g. a new denim skirt, a floral print dress or a short-sleeved polo shirt. The more they love their wardrobe, the less of a chore getting dressed in the morning will be – after all, monkey see, monkey do. ​

Books galore. ​

Visit QBD Books as one of your first stops on your shopping expedition – let your child's imagination run free with illustration and rolling words. They’ll be entertained (and distracted?) for hours, allowing you to get those errands done.


Don't forget our parents’​ room facilities, with feeding rooms, change tables and microwaves that are located on the upper and lower levels. It's the little things in life that bring relief and joy.