The key to hydrated skin this Winter

05 Aug 2020

It's that time of year again, where the temp drops and our skin really feels it... While your winter skin is likely to be feeling dull, dry and sensitive from drastic change in temperatures (and indoor heating), it doesn't mean it needs to stay that way all winter long. We've taken a deep dive into how to get your skin feeling healthy and hydrated again. Because why shouldn't we have great skin, all year round?

Hydration is key
Staying hydrated during the cooler months is important. When the body is properly hydrated it works at its optimal energy level. The skin’s exposure to cold temperatures can result in chapping and peeling, and regularly drinking water throughout the day assists in keeping the skin’s cells plump and hydrated. Keep a drink bottle at your workstation and a glass and carafe by your bed as a reminder.
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Nourish and protect your skin
Winter puts a lot of stress on the skin. Add a facial oil to your daily skincare regime to lock in hydration and provide a protective barrier. During Winter maintain using an SPF  is as the sun’s rays can still cause damage. Whilst we like to take long, hot showers and rug up the skin loses a lot of moisturiser. If the face is looking a little dry or dull, reach for a hydrating face mask. Chapped lips often surface in cooler months, so ensure you have a nourishing balm in easy reach. Keep up those monthly facials and micro dermabrasions and prep the skin for warmer months ahead.

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Add a bit of Vitamin C
Cold, shorter days mean less opportunity for a natural Vitamin C boost from the sun. Vitamin C can help boost immunity**, so sub in a supplement, enjoy a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie, try a new skincare product with added Vitamin C or whip up a veggie packed recipe in the kitchen.