Meet the local retailers at Eastlands

Our local businesses are the heart and soul of our centre. They’re the people behind your delicious daily coffee, fresh cuts of premium meat, immaculately steamed work shirts, and carefully curated looks. We’re here to share the stories behind some of the hard-working retailers at Eastlands.

Get to know our local retailers as they share their stories so that next time you drop in to support their business, they’ll know you’re here for them too.

We’re Here For Eastlands

Meet Stuart

Security guard Stuart is a big fan of Arnie, Rocky and all the retailers at Eastlands. He’s worked here for 10 years and loves the banter, the vibe and the convenience.

“There’s lots of friendly people and great vibes. I love spending my time here. It’s close to home and central to everything.”


Meet Maddie

Maddelyn is head over heels with her customers at Spendless Shoes in Eastlands. As store manager, she’s the perfect fit and has a smile that never goes out of style.

“The customers are friendly and always up for a chat. It’s nice to see them smiling when they leave my store.”


Meet Thao

Chikko Cafe has been serving up zesty Vietnamese street food to Eastlands shoppers for more than 8 years. Owner and chef Thao loves seeing the un-pho-gettable smiles on her customers’ faces.

“Working as a chef makes me happy. I’m excited to come to my store every day to see our customers, hear their stories and cook delicious food for them.”


Meet Michael

Long-time local, Michael at Express Service Centre is definitely part of the Eastlands family.  For almost 30 years he has been solving problems for locals, whether it’s repairing a pair of favourite shoes, cutting new keys, or engraving a gift for a special occasion.  His own family are part of the business, with his three sons and two of his granddaughters working in the business.

\'‘All my socialising and meeting friends is at the Eastlands coffee shops.  I drink a lot of coffee and tea!”


Meet Lucas

Who can resist a freshly made muffin? The regulars at Muffin Break love Lucas’ muffins, and they also love to stop for a chat. Lucas says his customer’s friendly smiles keep him motivated to keep on baking!

“My favourite thing about my customers is that they always try to fill up my tip jar.And I always tell them ‘you returning is my best tip”


Meet Adam

Adam at Cellarbrations knows all about sparkle and fizz – he opened the store on his 50th birthday so he had lots to celebrate in one day!  It was a memorable day and a great way to get to know the Eastlands locals.

Cellarbrations at Eastlands is a local, family-owned business.  Father and son work in the family-owned business, and Adam says he loves “working with my son Jack and being able to pass on my knowledge of the industry to him.”


Meet Mollie

Happy customers who look and feel amazing in their new glasses gives Mollie at Specsavers a buzz.  She also loves the buzz created by the small local businesses and their pop-up stalls at Eastlands.

“I love the smile you see when returning patients come back and try on their new glasses for the first time” explains Mollie.  


Meet Maree

Maree and Daniel are no strangers to the world of numbers and great customer service.  Their regular customers like to share a joke, and talk about their dreams for the future.  These dog-lovers are champions at bringing a smile to their customers’ faces!

“We love providing great customer service and helping customers achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small” says Maree. 


Wanting more? We’ve got so many wonderful retailer stories to share!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to meet some more friendly faces behind Eastland’s retailers. Stay up to date and sign up to our database for more.

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